Alex Lazar.

Freelancing kind of sucks.

Freelancing kind of sucks.

In early December 2021, I quit freelancing (i.e., short-term gigs) because its feast & famine nature left me frustrated. I wanted some stability, but I wanted to feel free & a job felt like it would be too much structure for me.

A friend told me to get a job/contract in web3. After some research, I found web3 companies allow for more flexibility, remote & async work. I’d make more money in web3 & the work would be more challenging.

So I told my freelancing clients I quit & I started looking for a position in a web3 company. My strategy? I looked for web3 companies that had open positions. And I started being active on their Discord, helping as I could. I also asked about a job opportunity at every chance I could get, usually after providing some value.

How I got into Toucan Protocol Me offering to help in Toucan’s Discord. 👆🏻

How I asked James for a job Me telling my (then future) CTO I want a job.👆🏻

My strategy worked. After building a Discord bot for Toucan, I was able to ask for a job, and they gave me a trial month to prove myself.

It turned out to be a great job. Which I quit…