Alex Lazar.

Why did I quit an excellent job?

Why did I quit an excellent job?

I quit my job at Toucan after one year and ~4 months there. But it was a good job. I grew a lot as an engineer there and learned technical and soft skills I’ll take with me throughout my career. They gave me a shot when I had little in the way of a resume & the team there was full of intelligent, cool people.

I’ve got to contribute to cool things like the Offset Helper, the SDK, and the bug bounty program. It’s also with Toucan that I’ve first talked on stage. And this is not acknowledging the non-public work I’ve done.

So why did I leave?

It all started midway through my tenure when I got an offer from a relatively big crypto company. This offer (pre-tax) was for much more money than I made at Toucan.

It was my first realization that I was underpaid, but I still discounted it as a one-off.

Since then, I have received more job offers that would ALL pay significantly more than Toucan could pay me.

I pushed for a raise internally and tried to make staying at Toucan work. But it was apparent that Toucan wouldn’t be able to match offers I had gotten from other places, and I was missing out on money.

Money is not everything, but it’s a pretty important puzzle piece. It’s what I use to pay the bills for my family. It’s what I use to offer exciting experiences to my family (like visiting Dubai).


So what’s next?