Blockchain Creators

Web design for digital marketplace that works with cryptocurrency payments.

The story

Blockchain Creators is a digital marketplace where you can sell digital products and receive cryptocurrency in exchange.

I started this project in February 2020 and secured an mid 5 figure investment within the month. The investment was to be paid in rounds.

After working on this for about 5 months we managed to get to about 60 users, but the project wasn’t immensely profitable. The investor left the project at this point.

I tried to keep it running on my own, but somehow a crypto payment processor bug appeared. I also wanted to redesign the project.

In late August 2020, I realised I simply do not have the time to run this project AND make a living.

So, I decided to temporarily shut it off and made a coming soon page that collects emails.

See landing page


I will find the time to revive Blockchain Creators and make it better than ever. But for now it must take a break.

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