Stirling Cooper

Web design & full stack development for award wining pornstar.

The story

Stirling came to me through a referral with a very clear goal.

He needed someone that could design, but could also create a membership backend that was integrated with Gumroad’s API.

I took him through my normal process, where I show him the mockups as I make them and we make revisions before I start coding.

For the backend, I used PHP and MySQL. This was my first paid project where I had to do real backend coding and I had to learn a lot on the job.

Once the website was deployed we had a surge of around 300 users in the membership area.

I was available around the clock in case of scaling issues.

Aside from a small issue on Mailjet’s side, the launch went smoothly.

See live website


If you’re looking for a website developer then hire Alex Lazar (founder of Webflex Solutions). I cannot sing his praises enough.

- Super technically competent

- Incredible work ethic

- Initiative up to his eyeballs

- Impeccable standards for his work

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Stirling Cooper’s membership website scaled to 900+ users and helped generate $500.000+ in revenue.

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