I got a job

Back in december, I decided to quit freelancing and get a job in the crypto world. I got one, let me tell you the story.

I made almost $20k last year freelancing and I quit

If you've read this article you already know that back then I had decided that I want to try my luck getting a job/contract as a dev in a crypto company, even though freelancing wasn't that bad and I was on the up and up.

I did that because:

  • Web3 development is generally better paid than web dev;
  • It's a grind to find and negociate with new clients all the time;
  • I wanted a challenge.

I announced all of my clients and started looking

This may be something a lot of you don't have the stomach to do, but I simply announced all of my clients I won't be freelancing anymore before having even 1 lead as to getting a job.

I got a tip that is hiring and so I started being active on their discord, helping how I could. I also started buggering them about a job.

They were friendly when talking to me (even though I was clear I knew nothing about web3 yet). They told me to learn and build a portfolio using Solidity, ethers.js, hardhat and they'd consider me.

This lead me to build this. It's a contract + dApp where you can make proposals for me to make YT videos and vote on existent proposals.

Side note: I have a YT channel

After presenting it to them they told me they are looking for a senior (I obviously don't fit that description yet ๐Ÿ˜‚).

It kinda pissed me off as they could've let me know from the get go, but I did have on small web3 project in my portfolio now, so I moved on.

An unlikely event presented me another opportunity

I somehow met Frank Turtle (and I did an interview with him too), and he was also looking to break into web3.

He pointed me to They were looking to hire plenty of devs.

So I went straight to their discord and offered to help by building a Discord Bot that praises people.

Discord Praise Bot

Literally without any promise (or knowledge about discord bots), I started building this project.

In about 20 days of full-time work on this (quitting all of my client work did have its benefits, you see) I had a ERC20 customised token, a discord bot and a website for authentication.

After showing it to James (he's the CTO), he asked me if I want to be paid for the bot.

How I asked James for a job

I obviously said no, but I did request a job.

My trial month

After a short discussion on Zoom (or whatever we used), me and James decided to do a trial month to see if we're a fit.

Funny fact: He had asked me "when can you start?" twice (before the call and during the call) and I answered "today" or "right now" on both occasions. I think they loved my enthusiasm.

I learned A LOT during that trial month. Also, I fell in love with the team & culture, and I guess they liked me too since I got employed full-time. ๐Ÿ’š

Remember the drawbacks talk when I decided to quit freelancing?

I was a bit afraid that maybe I'll be less free/flexible if I got a job vs freelance.

The reality (for me at Toucan), is that I'm just as free, if not more free. I make my own schedule. I can take a day off whenever I feel like it. They don't care where I work from.

And, because this is a full-time position, I actually have better work-life balance.

My teammates are also super cool. I get paid far more per year than I did freelancing. I couldn't be more happy at Toucan.

One of the best decisions I've made.

P.S.: I also want to thank a friend of mine who is the one that initially adviced me to give web3 a shot. He's name is Sam, but I think he may want to stay anonymous. If you're reading this, thanks again Sam ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Unirii Boulevard, Bucharest
Unirii Boulevard as seen from the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest Romania.

*Fun fact* The 3 colors under the navbar are Romania's flag ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ด.