Why I Quit Freelancing

My argument to myself for why I decided to quit freelancing, even though revenue was growing and I was earning almost twice as much as the average Romanian.

I made almost $20k this year and I'm quitting 🤯

If you've read this article you already know a bit about how I got here and you know that I made almost $20k in 2021 freelancing as a web developer.

Which is shit if you live in New York, but it's pretty cool if you are a 24y old in Romania were the average person earns like $12k.

Yes, I know on paper Romania's average income is $5,7k but that's just wrong. A lot of people in this country do not report their income or pay taxes.

There's a few caveats though:

  1. I spent some of that $20k on business stuff (a new macbook, programming courses, software, referral commissions, etc)
  2. I didn't work full time. I had about 3 months where I didn't actually get ANY paid work.

That said, it was a pretty good year, and I had good prospects/leads for next year.


Why did I choose to quit freelancing? 🧐

There's a few reasons. Let's recap them at first, and then dive into each of them.

  • There are higher paid fields than web, like crypto & web3;
  • It's a grind to find new clients and negociate rates with them;
  • It kinda gets boring to build the same landing pages & blogs time and time again.

I can make more in web3 💸

Probably the first reason to quit freelancing is that I could earn more as a software engineer in the crypto/web3 field.

And it's very important to note that, unlike web development, the crypto field has more opportunities for employees or long-term contractors than for freelancers.

According to CryptoCurrencyJobs a Solidity dev earns $80k a year on the low end.

Isn't that great?

The reality is, even if I'd work full time as a web dev freelancer, I'd probably still fall short of that. Unless I'd hire people and scale, but then you have the issue of finding enough work to keep them all busy.

Marketing & sales IS NOT EASY...

Finding clients & negociating deals is a grind, especially when...

Especially when you also need to fulfill the work.

It's far easier to do one or two things within your business than to handle: web design, frontend development, backend development, deployment, sales, marketing, lead generation, creating content, etc.

By getting a job, I can focus on far fewer things and it makes my life easier & less stressful.

I'm bored 🥱

Web3 problems are novel to me. Therefore, more interesting than building a landing page or blog or eCom store.

These are things that I have done already quite a few times and it really does get boring.


Freelancing obviously gives me the most freedom & flexibility in terms of how much I work, when I work, how I work, etc.

A job can be more restrictive, but it's not necessarily that way.

In fact, in the world of crypto where most companies are DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations) there's a lot of freedom.

It's a bit like the wild west. They don't ask for a college degree, they don't require you to be available 9-5 within a certain timezone and there is little bureaucracy.

So long as you get your work done, you're more or less good in most crypto companies.

Which means there isn't that much of a freedom drawback IF I stick to crypto/web3 companies.

Which is what I intend to do.


More money, more stability, funner challenges and similar freedom.

In theory it sounds great, right?

That's why I'm giving it a shot. I'm in the middle of learning & building a web3 portfolio and DMing companies.

There is, of course, a chance I might not like working as an employee in a DAO and I end up coming back to freelancing. That's fine, I still feel I need to take this shot.

Fun fact: I am actually DMing these guys. The primary means of communication in the crypto world is Discord. No email or anything corporate.

P.S.: Check out my first ever smart contract right here.

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